Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yoshinogawa Pairing Dinner coming up May 11th

We now have some details of the next pairing dinner.
It will be on May 11th, starting at 8pm -
We are continuing with the single sake brewery series, this time the focus is Yoshinogawa Brewery with some 460 years of history, from Niigata which is a snowy region well known for its sake and rice.

$60 including the sake (but tax and gratuity is not) - It is not only a wonderful deal but also a real fun experience! If you have friends, great! But fear not even if you cannot find anybody to come with you - we will pair you with some friendly guests at the communal table - Food, sake, new encounter!! What more could we ask for?
Well, more would be that the brewery is going to be present at the dinner so you will have the opportunity to interact with the sake-maker.

As usual, it is going to be a reservation and prepayment required event - Please contact us to reserve your seats, and the sooner the better, seats are limited... Thanks!

Now, to some details of the dinner, or what is known so far of it...
* Amuse-bouche is TBD, but to be paired with Yoshinogawa Daiginjo
* Appetizer: Bonito salad paired with Echigo Junmai
* Entree #1: Grilled rack of lamb paired with Yoshinogawa Gensen Karakuchi
* A little soup...
* Entree #2: Sushi nigiri, paired with Yoshinogawa Gokujo Ginjo
* Dessert: TBD, but to be paired with Yoshinogawa Ginjo.

If you are interested, please contact us at info@oneoreightbk.com or 718-384-2152.

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