Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Late night bites on Fridays and Saturdays

We know that for some people, restaurants close way too early. We work in one and have not much choice in places to go to eat after work. So we decided somebody has to do this. Starting this weekend, we are staying open late on Fridays and Saturdays - Last order will be 2 am for these 2 nights - serving up things that we fancy at that time of the night.

So from midnight, the menu will be a bit different, but prepared by the same two chefs as usual, Chef Yokota in the kitchen and Chef Yoshida from the sushi bar.

Oyako Ramen (with chicken confit and soft-boiled egg) as pictured and Pork Ginger Donburi are late night only dishes - and the health conscious have the sushi/sashimi options. More specials for the night will be scribbled on a blackboard at the drink bar, where we would be serving the night owls.

The rest of the week including Sundays are the same hours as before (6 - last order 11). Monday is still our recharging day, and Friday & Saturday 6-midnight is the regular menu and service.

So the still remaining question is: Where can we go to eat after we are done working?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30th 2010

Gnome Fish from Nijima Island
Red Rockfish from Nijima Island
Spoted Parrotfish from Ogasawara Island
Golden Eye Snapper from Nijima Island

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tuna Kama-Toro

Tuna-Kama Toro (collar of tuna).

It is the most fatty part of the tuna.

This is really rare and limited ( maybe 5-6 pcs sushi).

Friday, March 26, 2010

March 26th 2010

Gnome Fish from Fukuoka
Red Snapper from Fukuoka
Black Snapper from Nagasaki
Horse King from Nagasaki

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The first pairing dinner was intoxicating...

So we had our first pairing dinner event on Tuesday March 23rd.

The sake presented were all made by one brewery, Masumi Brewery of Nagano Japan. They came at the dinner to present each sake and explain their characteristics, enhancing the pairing experience. The pour was generous, participants seemed very happy, and we got some wonderful feed back for the pairing with the food our two chefs prepared for each sake.
This is Mr. Miyasaka (president) and Mr. Norum from Masumi Brewery (Miyasaka Brewing Co.).

From left:
Masumi Okuden Kanzukuri - Junmai
Masumi Arabashiri - Junmai Ginjyo
Yumedono - Daiginjyo
Miyasaka - Junmai

This year's Arabashiri is amazing. It was always good, but particularly this year, it is just amazing. A hint of pineapple/tropical fruit note, smooth, clean , crisp, sweetness of rice, richness, all in this sake. It should be even better in couple of month with maturation.

Asparagus wrapped with home-made duck prosciutto: It was paired with a warm Masumi Kanzukuri Junmai.

Duck two ways - Miso confit leg & slowcooked breast
paired with a cold Masumi Kanzukuri Junmai.

Miso"cappuccino": A twist to the miso soup - A small cup of goodness was served towards the end of the meal, before the dessert.

There were also in between and after, ceviche paired with Arabashiri, a little bite of passion fruit and black pepper granite, sushi and sashimi paired with Yumedono, and dessert paired with Miyasaka.

This time around, the pairing was with sake from one particular brewery, so it was interesting to highlight each very different sake that are made at one and the same place, and also to compare the warm and cold version of the Masumi Kanzukuri - as this is another amazing thing about sake, a completely different experience depending on its temperature.

Many thanks to Masumi Brewery and World Sake Imports. And many thanks indeeed to all the participants of the dinner.

We plan on having pairing dinners with different themes pretty regularly. We will be posting a notice here when the next one is set.

march 23rd 2010

Black Snapper from Nagasaki
Rudder Fish from Oita
Seigo/Seabass from Fukuoka

Gnome Fish from Fukuoka
Flying Fish from Yaku Island
Jumbo Sweet Shrimp from Santa Barbara

Friday, March 19, 2010

March 19th 2010

Gnome Fish from Fukuoka
Japanese Spanish Mackerel from Nagasaki
Grunt Fish from Fukuoka
Renko Snapper from Nagasaki
Barracuda from Nagasaki

Baby Yellowtail from Fukuoka
Rudder Fish from Oita
Bluefin Searobin from Nagasaki
Flying Fish from Yaku Island

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Takenoko / bamboo shoot

Grilled bamboo shoot with shiso oil, serve with duck comfit.

Takenoko Nigiri : grilled bamboo shoot with shiso miso vinegar sauce

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring is here!

Fresh bamboo shoot.
I like its texture and aroma.
It brings back memories of my childhood, a bamboo forest under the soft spring sun.
We will be serving them simply grilled. I believe this is the best way to enjoy them.
Finally spring has come.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pairing dinner on Tuesday 3/23

Our first pairing event is coming up next Tuesday, 3/23. It will start at 8pm and it is going to be SAKE VS DUCK (and raw fish).

Here is the idea of the dinner:

Amuse-bouche paired with warm Masumi Kanzukuri Junmai
Ceviche paired with Arabashiri
Duck two ways paired with cold Masumi Kanzukuri Junmai
Sushi & Sashimi paired with Yumedono
Dessert paired with Miyasaka

$55 including the sake (!!) (but tax and gratuity are not included).

Participation to this pairing dinner is by prepaid reservation only and the seats are limited to 30.
If you are interested, please contact us at or 718-384-2152.

It should be fun! Hope to see you then -


Carrot Juice, Yuzu Kosho (yuzu pepper paste), Fresh Lemon Juice, Vodka.

Yukishita Carrot Juice/The carrot is kept under the snow for a couple month for a very late harvest, which gives them a high sugar content.

March 16th 2010

Rubby Snapper from Ogasawara island

Kanpachi from Miyake Island

Aka Ika from Kagoshima

Needle fish from Kumamoto

Crimson Snapper from Ogasawara Island
Threeline Grunt from Ogasawara Island

Golden Eye Snapper from Shikene Island

Kohada from Saga

Macarons from 1 or 8 brooklyn ny

Friday, March 12, 2010

March 12th 2010

Gnome Fish from Fukuoka
Bonito from Miyazaki
Rudder Fish from Oita
Scorpion Fish from Nagasaki
Fucco/Japanese Seabass from Fukuoka
The way you call a Japanese Seabass changes as it grows.
Copa = Baby Seabass, Seigo = 25cm/around 1 year age,
Fucco = 25-50cm/2-3 year age, Suzuki = more than 60cm

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 10th 2010

Grilled Cherry Stone ($5/2pcs)

from BOBO farm / upstate newyork.
squab and chicken?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 9th 2010

Vegetable from green market.

Leek, beats, Celey-Roots, Baby-Romenesco, Patato

Gnome Fish from Kotsu Island.
Golden Eye Snapper from Niijima Island

Spotted Parrot Fish from Ogasawara Island

Rubby Snapper from Ogasawara Island

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Clam mantle

I prefer the mantle more than clam itself.
It is wonderful simply with soy sauce and wasabi or ponzu and scallion.
You can also make a roll of clam mantle and cucumber.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

golden eye snapper / kabuto-ni

We got in some golden eye snapper. Kabuto-ni is basically the cooked head. It does not have much meat to eat, but it tastes heavenly. This is all you need to accompany a warm sake, for its taste and the fact that it takes long to eat (not much meat but lots of bones). Right around the eye is so good.
Here, it sits on top of Nikogori, which is the gelatinized juice of the fish and soy sauce.

Cheese VS Sake

From front:
* Pleasant Ridge Reserve from Wisconsin with Okagura (Junmai)
Nutty and floral cheese / Mild, full bodied sake
* Blue d'Auvergne with Kamoizumi (unfiltered)
Blue cheese with unfiltered sake. Great. Nothing more to say.
* Cana de Oveja from Murcia with Yuki no Bosha (Junmai Ginjyo)
Sheep milk cheese with fruity type sake.

Friday, March 5, 2010

March 5th 2010

Bonito/Hatsu katsuo from Miyazaki

Renko Snapper from Yamaguchi

Grunt Fish from Nagasaki

Golden Thread from Nagasaki

Flying Fish from Yaku Island

Needle Fish from Kumamoto

Belt Fish from Yamaguchi

Japanese Spanish Mackerel from Nagasaki

Red Bull Eye from Nagasaki

Chi-dai/Small Japanese Redsnapper from Oita

Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 4th 2010

Lobster Chowder

Mackerel Tart

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tasting of Komagura

I am very lucky to have gotten the chance to taste several sake made at Komagura of Fukuoka.

This brewer is really unique for making single vintage sake. Their sake are mild while having a bold flavor. They will change the image of sake that you have.

Komagura-Gen 2004 - Junmai Ginjyo: Soft and round, shows different faces as it opens up with time and temperature change, with a chocolate and a hint of toasted aroma finish.

Komagura Tokubetsu Junmai 2007: This is the champion of the day. It has a complex cheese like aroma, mushroomy earthy flavor and yet has freshness like Arabashiri (This is already aged 2 years, normally impossible to give a freshness like Arabashiri).

Komagura Jun 2009-Junmai Daiginjyo : I would like to taste this one again 2-3 years from now.

Komagura Haruka Gonen-Junmai Koshu: This is a great Koshu. I am not such a great fan of koshu in general. But this koshu (this one is a blend of 5-10years aged sake) is an exception. It married beautifully with our chocolate souffle.

March 2nd 2010

Kanpachi from Nagasaki
Horse Mackerel from Oita
Golden Eye Snapper from Chiba
Needle fish from Kumamoto
Yari Squid from Shimane
Penshell Scallop from Saga
I cannot wait to taste Golden Eye Snapper