Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tasting of Komagura

I am very lucky to have gotten the chance to taste several sake made at Komagura of Fukuoka.

This brewer is really unique for making single vintage sake. Their sake are mild while having a bold flavor. They will change the image of sake that you have.

Komagura-Gen 2004 - Junmai Ginjyo: Soft and round, shows different faces as it opens up with time and temperature change, with a chocolate and a hint of toasted aroma finish.

Komagura Tokubetsu Junmai 2007: This is the champion of the day. It has a complex cheese like aroma, mushroomy earthy flavor and yet has freshness like Arabashiri (This is already aged 2 years, normally impossible to give a freshness like Arabashiri).

Komagura Jun 2009-Junmai Daiginjyo : I would like to taste this one again 2-3 years from now.

Komagura Haruka Gonen-Junmai Koshu: This is a great Koshu. I am not such a great fan of koshu in general. But this koshu (this one is a blend of 5-10years aged sake) is an exception. It married beautifully with our chocolate souffle.

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