Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Late night bites on Fridays and Saturdays

We know that for some people, restaurants close way too early. We work in one and have not much choice in places to go to eat after work. So we decided somebody has to do this. Starting this weekend, we are staying open late on Fridays and Saturdays - Last order will be 2 am for these 2 nights - serving up things that we fancy at that time of the night.

So from midnight, the menu will be a bit different, but prepared by the same two chefs as usual, Chef Yokota in the kitchen and Chef Yoshida from the sushi bar.

Oyako Ramen (with chicken confit and soft-boiled egg) as pictured and Pork Ginger Donburi are late night only dishes - and the health conscious have the sushi/sashimi options. More specials for the night will be scribbled on a blackboard at the drink bar, where we would be serving the night owls.

The rest of the week including Sundays are the same hours as before (6 - last order 11). Monday is still our recharging day, and Friday & Saturday 6-midnight is the regular menu and service.

So the still remaining question is: Where can we go to eat after we are done working?

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