Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15th 2010

Bronzini from Greece.

The smaller ones beneath are Kohada from Kumamoto, Japan.

Kohada is often the signature item to check out in a Tokyo style sushi restaurant in Japan. The sushi chef prides oneself for the way he serves the kohada with his own recipe. They marinate it in salt and vinegar, but depending on the season, the size of the fish and its fat content, they change the recipe and time of marination. It's a subtle thing.
Back in the time before refrigerated transportation system was available, all fish had some work done for its preservation. Despite all the changes in the transportation possibility, there are still items served the old fashion way - simply because they are really tasty this way. Next time you have the chance, imagine yourself back in time when you try our kohada, zuke, nihamaguri, fluke kobujime and sea-eel.

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