Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mr.Ciro from Sicily

Mr Ciro, one of my favorite wine producer from Sicily came to 1 or 8. I visited his winery at Etna couple of years ago. This time around, he came to NY with his new wine, M.I, Etna, D.O.C Rosso.

I had a great time at Etna with his family. We had a BBQ at his vineyard, picking plants naturally growing on the property. There were some greens on the lot, we could call it a weed since it is just naturally growing, but it tasted amazingly good. Nobody at the winery knew the name of this green -they just called it "green"- which was quite surprising to me as it tasted so good and well worth to be given a name... We made some salad with this green and some lemon taken directly from a tree on his lot. That was definitely the best salad I ever had in my life, an ideal way to eat anything.

His wine is equally wonderful. Gentle, smooth, honest with a great depth and leaves a lasting note at the end, a deep impression of his personality.

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