Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December 24th & 25th 2011

Amuse bouche
Miniture Chilled Oden
Oden : Japanese Winter Soul Food

1st course

Sauteed Foie gras with white radish puree & leaf puree,

served with house made brioche

2nd Course

From front

Monk Fish Liver (Ankimo) with Squash Pickles (Nara Zuke)

Snow Crab Meat & Herring Roe (Kazunoko) in Tosazu Gelee

Seared Bonito with Yogrut/Miso Sauce

3rd Course

Bouillabasse Chawanmushi

Egg Flan, served with Bouillabasse

No photo : Rose Wine Granite

4th Course
Hagi Toro, Gnome Fish, Chopped Pike Mackerel with sesame/ginger/scallion, Sea Urchin/Ikura


Roasted Rack of lamb with red miso crust, served with White/Black Trumpet mushroom & red wine sauce.


Chesnut Chocolate Cake with Kinako(soy bean) Ice Cream & Kumquatr compote

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