Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tasting Menu on the weekend

We now have a tasting menu on Fridays and Saturdays. The menu content changes every week. This is from this week just as an example.

Amuse Bouche
mizuna wrapped with home made duck prosciutto

1st course
Mussel Sakamushi
steamed with sake,butter, thyme, saffron, served with somen noodle

2nd course
grilled eel, cucumber, avocado, tosa vinegar gelee

3rd course
Grilled Quail
served with sansho pepper vinegar sauce

There is no photo, but ginger granite is served after the grilled quail.

4th course
Chef's Choice Nigiri
Chopped horse mackerel with ginger, sesame & scallion
Botan Shrimp with lobster miso

Fillet Mignon Steak
served with red wine reduction

Dessert 1
chilled chocolate soup with passion fruit sorbet

Dessert 2
green tea cup cake with green tea ice cream

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