Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tasting dinner at weekend

Amuse Bouche
Kinpira Choux
shichimi pepper choux stuffed with kinpira/cream cheese

Eggplant Nibitashi
eggplant simmerd in bonito broth
wrapped with house-made duck prosciutto, served with valsamic reduction & wasabi oil

Katsuo Tataki Salad
seared bonito with celery, daikon, red onion, garlic chip,
served with ponzu and chive oil

Grilled Shrimp
served with grilled vegetable and yellow pepper/smoked olive oil sauce

Granite : Tomato Consome/Basil Granite ( No Photo)

Chef's Choice Nigiri
Chutro (mid-fatty Tuna), Japanese Red snapper with Ankimo(monk fish liver), Chopped Horse Mackerel with sesame,ginger and scaalion

Niku Jaga

braised beef short-rib, served with mash potato, roasted onion, grilled tomato, string beans, micro beets

Dessert 1 : Lychee Sorbet (No Photo)

Dessert 2 : Green Tea Kasutera with Vanilla Ice Cream ( No Photo)

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