Thursday, October 28, 2010

Octber 28th 2010

Obako-Sawara from Yamagata
It came with a tag indicating the name of the ship and fisherman that caught this Japanese Spanish Mackerel - The ship's name is Kan-eimaru and the fisherman Mr. Mamoru Kato. The tag also mentions that "ikijime shinkeinuki" was done, which is basically a way to kill the fish at once without stressing it (at the same time cutting off the nerves and draining the blood), so to preserve its quality at its best.

The three smaller fish beneath it are some Pike Mackerel from Aomori.

Sawara Tataki
seared sawara served with daikon onioroshi and dashi ponzu

Chiken Pot-Au-Feu (Mizu-Taki)
Bobo Chicken and winter vegetables, served with Konbu/bonito broth and black sesame sauce.

Rainbow seen from the front of the restaurant, Oct. 27th 2010.
It was raining and the sun came out - the phenomenon poetically called in Japan "the wedding of the fox".

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