Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mushroom tasting dinner report

Mushroom tasting dinner was on last Wednesday night, and the fungi were presented and enjoyed in many ways, some unexpected. Here are some photos.

Aperitif: Morel mushroom dirty martini

Amuse bouche :

* Maitake mushroom tempura
with fresh kabosu and truffle salt
* Matsutake flan
* Mixed mushroom and shrimp dumplings

Soup: White button mushroom potage with miso flavor foam

Terrine of mushrooms, bacon, root vegetables and cream cheese,

served with mushroom chips and sesame parmesan cheese cracker

Paired with Chikurin junmai warm

Papillote of tile fish and mushrooms

tile fish fillet,shimeji, enoki, shiitake mushroom, konbu kelp, kabosu wrapped in paper and grilled

paired with Domaine de Riaux, Pouilly Fume 08'

Mixed mushroom / duck comfit Pie, roasted duck breast with chive oil served with okura and carrot, with porcini salt, balsamic reduction, fond de veau with mustard

Paired with Flavio Roddolo Dolcetto d'Alba Riserva 07'

Grilled Matsutake nigiri sushi with yuzu zest and fresh kabosu

Grilled king oyster mushroom nigiri sushi with shichimi pepper and soy sauce

Maitake cookie and maitake/pine nut tarte with white mushroom ice cream

Paired with Satoh -sweet potato shochu mixed with hot water

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