Thursday, August 19, 2010

Washugyu tasting dinner report

Wednesday August 18th, we held a tasting dinner with the theme of Washugyu.

Washugyu is basically the US version of Japanese prime beef Wagyu well known for its exceptional taste and marbling. The Japanese Tajima Kuroge Wagyu was crossed with the finest American Black Angus. They are raised in Oregon, following a feeding program developed for the Wagyu in Japan (Therefore the taste is very close to the Wagyu) for 27 to 30 months, which is a significantly longer period of time compared to regular US beef, allowing a mature taste and amazing marbling.

So this whole dinner was an attempt to enjoy Washugyu in many different ways.

Mr. Eiichi Yamamoto, a Washugyu expert, was among us at the dinner. If you are interested in tasting Washugyu at home, you could visit him at Japanese Premium Beef, a retail meat shop specializing in Washugyu (57 Great Jones street, New York, NY 10012).

Washugyu tartare: Outer thigh, scallion, olive oil, garlic infused soy sauce.

Sashimi of Washugyu: Ichiboniku (culotte).

Washugyu nigiri: Short rib.

Cold consomme gelee and shabushabu Washugyu, in a salad style: Beef consomme, ribeye slice, sesame sauce, micro green.

Washugyu hamburg steak (4oz): Ponzu, grated daikon, nori, scallion, shiso. Served with cabbage and mizuna salad, homemade bread.

There is no photo, but a small portion of cold burdock soup was served in between.

Washugyu striploin (4 oz): With fingerling potatoes, garlic chips, grilled market vegetables, wasabi, tamari soy sauce.

No photo, but a balsamico granite was served in between.

Washugyu over rice (3oz): Onion, teriyaki sauce, mitsuba, egg yolk of free-range chicken, pickled ginger, rice, nori.

Dessert: Milk flan and milk sorbet.

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