Saturday, August 7, 2010

August 7th 2010

Pepper Snapper from Nagasaki

Silver snapper from Fukuoka

Golden Thread from Fukuoka

The Late Night menu:
Friday and Saturday only, during the small window of 12am to 2am only, we have been serving ramen noodles (and some other late night favorites).
The late night menu content changes every week, but there is always one or two kinds of ramen. So far, we have had 6 kinds of them.
* Oyako Ramen : Chicken broth, chicken comfit, soft-boiled egg

* Lobster Miso Ramen : Lobster/miso broth, lobster dumpling

* Clam shio Ramen : Clam / salt broth, poached clams

* Tanin Ramen : Chicken / pork broth, slow cooked porkbelly, soft-boiled egg

* Hiayashi Chuka : Cold Ramen with sesame sauce

* Tonkotsu Ramen : Pork broth, slow cooked pork belly, soft-boiled egg

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