Thursday, August 5, 2010

old-fashioned sushi & sake dinner report

Wednesday 8/04, we had a tasting dinner named "Old-fashioned sushi & sake dinner", serving sushi made with techniques used before the fridge was invented, and sake made with two different traditional methods.

On the left: Suehiro Yamahai Junmai (Yamahai method)
Smooth on the first sip, good amount of acidity at the end.
A sake that does not scream out, a great companion to food. A very comfortable sake that you can keep on drinking for a long time.
We only served it in a regular room temperature for this dinner, but this sake is also amazing in "Kanzame", which is to warm it up once and letting it come down to room temperature.

Right: Daishichi Kimoto Junmai (Kimoto method)
Full body, good structure and high acidity. Compared to the aforementioned Suehiro which is mellow, this Daishichi gives an impact with its sharpness. It goes great with vinegar marinated items.
Clockwise from top:
* Saba Zuke
Mackerel marinated in vinegar, then marinated in soy sauce. Topped with white sesame.
* Ni Hamaguri
Poached clam rested in clam broth. Brushed with soy sauce reduction.
* Maguro Zuke
Tuna marinated in soy sauce. Brushed with soy sauce and topped with ginger.

* Shako Sujime
Mantis Shrimp with Eggs marinated in vinegar. Brushed with soy sauce reduction.
* Ma-Dai Sujime
Japanese red snapper marinated in vinegar. Shrimp and egg yolk oboro (minced and cooked) sandwiched between the fish and rice. Fish brushed with thoroughly boiled sake.
* Shinko
Young spotted sardine marinated in vinegar. Brushed with soy sauce reduction. Shinko are so tiny that there are three on one nigiri.
* Hirame Kobujime
Fluke preserved in kelp and wrapped in a bamboo leaf.
* Aji no Hakozushi
Pressed sushi of Horse Mackerel topped with thinly sliced kelp.
* Ika no Inrozume
Squid stuffed with sticky rice and slow cooked in soy sauce and sake.

* Menegi sushi
Young scallion sushi with soy sauce.
* Ni Anago
Slow cooked sea eel. Topped with soy sauce reduction.
* Kanpyo Maki (roll)
Dehydrated squash cooked in soy sauce. Served with wasabi.
* Fukusa zushi
Sushi rice mixed with pickled ginger,shiitake mushroom, shiso, wrapped in egg .
* Homemade Ika no Shiokara with yuzu skin
Salted squid marinated in its own guts.
We know, this one sounds strange and perhaps even gross, but this is one of those acquired taste items. Once you get into it, you are crazy about it.

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