Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oct 6th 2011

Denshin Seasonal Nama Sake Series (Dec 2010 - Oct 2011) - The last version of this one year series has arrived.

Denshin Aki - Junmai Genshu Nama Zume

(Aki = autumn)
Fresh fruity aroma that intensifies as you sip, presence of sweetness of rice, with a sharp/clean finish.

This one is the summer version.

Not available right now, but we will have it again next summer.

Denshin Natsu-Junmai Daiginjyo Shizuku Nama

(Natsu = summer)

Fruity aroma , hint of earl grey tea, rich, complex, with a very long finish.

Denshin Fuyu - Honjyozo Nama

(Fuyu = winter)

see our blog Dec 2010

Denshin Haru - Junmai Ginjyo Nama

(Haru = spring)

see our blog April 2011

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