Friday, November 26, 2010

Venison Tasting Dinner Report

Momiji = Venison tasting dinner was on Wednesday November 24th. We sometimes call venison "Momiji" which means Japanese Maple, the most symbolic tree this season with its beautiful delicate leaves turning yellow and red.

We did a little pairing with the dinner too. From right to left:
* Plageoles, Mauzac Nature N.V, South West, France
* Romaneaux Destezet, Viognier/Rossanne 07, Rhone France
* Domaine Potel, Pinot Noir-Vieilles Vignes 07, Maison Dieu, France
* Jaboulet, Crozes Hermitage, Les Jalets o7, Rhone, France

Amuse bouche: Venison croquette with raisin purree.

Venison Carpaccio with yuzu juice, homemade rayu (chili oil), sliced Tokyo scallion and shiso.

Venison soup with lotus roots, Japanese sweet potato, Konnyaku, Tokyo scallion, leak, soy bean, carrots, foie gras, covered with pie.

Venison tataki salad, with mizuna, fennel, beats, blue cheese, chestnut and raspberry sauce.

Venison sushi:

Raw with yuzu kosho and soy sauce.
Tataki (seared) with wasabi and garlic soy sauce.

Sauteed venison, with maitake mushroom, morel, chestnut and sansho pepper.

Persimmon sampler - presentation mimicking momiji?
Raw persimmon slice, grilled slice and persimmon sorbet.

Second dessert: Chestnut cold soup with green tea sorbet, grilled rice cake and sweet red bean.

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