Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 14th 2011

Denshin Haru-Junmai Ginjyo Nama/Muroka

It is the second Nama Sake that arrived from Denshin (We have already finished serving Denshin Fuyu-Honjyozo Nama).

Lovely cherry blossom aroma, complex, Umami of rice, sharp/spicy finish with a hint of green herb aroma. This is really good with Sea Urchin, Botan Shrimp, white fatty fish like gnome fish, sable fish, yellowtail etc.

Sea Urchin from Maine

Sea Urchin Flan

Belt Fish/Tachi Uo from Tokushima

Mantis Shrimp/Shako from Nagasaki

Ebisu Snapper / Ebisu Dai from Miyazaki
It has really unique scales. Large, strong and sharp, it is almost like an armor.

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